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Professional Standards

General Requirements

  • All Licensed Nurses must have a valid license to practice in their jurisdiction.
  • All Health Care Workers must pass an enhanced criminal record check, conducted by a qualified third-party agency.
  • All Health Care Workers must have up-to-date certifications in their field.
  • All Health Care Workers must adhere to the code of ethics and standards of practice of their profession.

Credentialing Requirements

  •  All Health Care Workers must be credentialed by an approved accrediting agency.
  • All Health Care Workers must demonstrate mastery of the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position.
  • All Health Care Workers must possess the appropriate level of clinical expertise as established by their profession.
  • All Health Care Workers must complete continuing education requirements as established by their profession.
  • All Registered Care Aides and Community Health Workers Employers are currently registered and in good standing with the BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry.

Quality Assurance Requirements

  • All Health Care Workers must adhere to established best practices in their field.
  • All Health Care Workers must participate in quality improvement initiatives and assessments.
  • All Health Care Workers must comply with safety and infection control protocols.
  • All Health Care Workers must comply with applicable federal, provincial and local laws.



Health Guidelines

Your Health Protection, One Guideline At A Time

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) provides guidelines for health care workers in British Columbia, Canada, to help prevent the spread of infections.

These guidelines include:

Hand hygiene: Health care workers must wash their hands frequently and thoroughly, particularly before and after caring for patients or handling medical equipment.

Personal protective equipment (PPE): Health care workers must use appropriate PPE, such as gloves, masks, and gowns, when caring for patients with suspected or confirmed infectious diseases.

Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette: Health care workers must use masks when entering a room of a patient with suspected or confirmed respiratory infection and must cover their mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing.

Cleaning and disinfection: Health care workers must ensure that medical equipment and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected properly to prevent the spread of infection.

Vaccinations: Health care workers must be up to date on recommended vaccinations, such as the flu shot, to protect themselves and their patients from infectious diseases.

Reporting: Health care workers must report any communicable diseases they have or suspect they have to their employer and public health authorities.

It is important to note that these guidelines may change over time based on the evolution of the pandemics, and health care workers should stay up to date with the most recent guidelines and protocols issued by the BCCDC and other relevant health authorities.

Trustworthy Care for
Your Loved Ones

Webookcare is committed to providing consumers with the highest level of care and service. To ensure that our health care workers are of the highest caliber, we have implemented a rigorous vetting and review process.

First, all of our health care workers go through a thorough enhanced criminal record check. An enhanced criminal record check in Canada is a thorough and comprehensive background check that is used to verify the criminal history of an individual. It includes the following elements:

Enhanced criminal record check: A search of the individual’s criminal record at the federal and provincial levels, which includes any convictions, charges, and pending charges.

Fingerprint-based check: A search of the individual’s fingerprints against the national fingerprint database to identify any criminal records that may not be included in a standard criminal record check.

Vulnerable sector check: A search of the individual's criminal record for any convictions related to sexual offences or crimes against vulnerable individuals, such as children or the elderly.

CPIC check: A search of the Canadian Police Information Centre database, which includes information on criminal records, outstanding warrants, and other information related to criminal activity.

Local police check: A check with the individual’s local police department to gather information on any criminal activity in the area.

Pardoned Sex Offender Database check

A search of the National Pardoned Sex Offender Database, which includes information on individuals who have been granted a pardon for sexual offences.

It is important to note that the scope and details of an enhanced criminal record check in Canada may vary depending on the province or territory, and the laws of the country. The type of background check required will also depend on the position being applied for and the level of security clearance needed.

Rating and reviewing

Rating and reviewing Health Care Workers on the app is important because it allows other users to make informed decisions about which providers to use. By seeing what other people have experienced when using a certain provider, users can make better decisions about who to trust and who to avoid. It also gives feedback to providers so they can make improvements to their services and ensure future customers have a better experience.

In addition to the enhanced criminal record check, ratings and reviews, we also conduct regular check in’s of our health care workers’ performance. We gather feedback from Care Seekers and Care Recipients and use this information to assess the quality of care provided by our health care workers.

We also make sure that our health care workers are up to date with the most recent guidelines, protocols and best practices in their field, and provide them with access to regular training and education to keep them informed of any updates.

By implementing these strict vetting and review processes, Webookcare ensures that our health care workers are qualified, experienced, and dedicated to providing the highest level of care and service. Consumers can trust that when they choose Webookcare, they are choosing a company that is committed to providing top-quality care and service.

Protection of privacy, personal Information and your health data

WeBookCare must comply with the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) which sets out the ground rules for how we may collect, use, and disclose personal information.

WeBookCare takes reasonable steps to protect personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.

WeBookCare must obtain consent from individuals before collecting, using, or disclosing personal information, except in certain circumstances.

WeBookCare must inform individuals about the purpose for which their personal information is collected, used and disclosed.

WeBookCare must provide individuals with access to their personal information and the ability to challenge its accuracy and completeness.

WeBookCare must respond to an individual’s request for access to their personal information within 30 days.

WeBookCare must destroy, erase, or make anonymous personal information that is no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected.

WeBookCare is designed with security and privacy at the forefront. We use advanced encryption technology to ensure all data is secure and confidential. We also have a strict policy against sharing user data with third parties. We use two-factor authentication to protect user accounts from unauthorized access. Additionally, we have implemented security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other monitoring tools to ensure the utmost protection for our user’s data.
1. Security features such as secure login and authentication, and encryption of user data.
2. A clear, easy-to-understand privacy policy that explains how user data is handled and stored.

3. A responsive customer service team that is available 24/7 to address user concerns and complaints.
4. Regular updates and maintenance of the app to ensure that it remains secure and up-to-date.
5. A system of verification or vetting of users to ensure that they are genuine and that their data is kept secure.
6. An automated system of backups and data recovery to protect against data loss.

Get the right candidate for the job. Job postings include:

Compliance excellence starts with finding the perfect fit with WeBookCare’s detailed job postings – get the right candidate for the job. Job postings include:

  1. A clear job position
  2. Name of Health Care Organisation or Care Location
  3. A list of required credentials
  4. Location
  5. Rate of pay
  6. Start Date
  7. Hours per week
  8. Employment Status
  9. Term of Employment
  10. Schedule
  11. Length in weeks
  12. Job Details
  13. Care Services
  14. Health Care Setting
  15. Type of healthcare setting and description of preferences
  16. A deadline to apply.

Ensuring compliance with Health Care Workers begins by implementing electronic visit verification, adhering to a comprehensive care plan, closely tracking tasks, and real-time charting during each visit. Families can easily log in to the system to receive updates after every visit, fostering transparency and confidence in the care provided.

WeBookCare has a system of rewards and recognition to encourage Health Care Workers to meet and exceed performance expectations.

  1. Health Care Workers’ performance is monitored, and users provide reviews on their performance.
  2. Health Care Workers have access to training and development for the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in their roles
  3. WeBookCare offers an effective messaging system that makes sure Health Care Workers have the tools and resources they need to effectively communicate with their clients and other stakeholders
  4. WeBookCare leverages technology for compliance to help monitor attendance and time tracking as well as care plan tasks.
  5. Established third party vendor screening that provides a variety of background check services for Care Seekers. The checks can vary depending on the needs of the job, but typically include the following:

Enhanced Criminal Record Check that searches local, provincial and national databases for any criminal history, including convictions, pending charges, and non-conviction records.

Education and employment verification of an individual to confirm the information provided on their application or resume is accurate

Professional license verification that an individual holds a valid license to practice in their field, if required.

Credit check which can reveal financial history and give insight into an individual’s financial responsibility.

Drug testing which can help identify any potential drug use

ID and address verification that the provided identification and address information of individuals matches the records to confirm their identity.

Social media and online search for information about an individual to check for any red flags or potential issues.

Compliance check to ensure that an individual is compliant with any regulations or laws relevant to their industry.