About Us

Whoever claimed that finding care was synonymous with a slowdown,
Clearly hasn’t experienced the vibrant energy that emanates from individuals like you. Traditional channels for finding care? A story of long waits, impersonal dealings, And caregivers stretched thin.

At WeBookCare, we believe in a better way,
So we created it.
Our sleek platform is the ultimate hub for trusted care
Empowering you to select care options that truly resonate,
With pricing that aligns perfectly with your aspirations,
Guiding you effortlessly towards living your best life, unapologetically.

Life’s little challenges are what keep us engaged,
But finding care shouldn’t be one of them.
With WeBookCare, accessing your perfect care connection is a breeze,
Empowering you to embrace freedom, unleash your fabulousness,
And show the world that your greatness is yet to come.

Join WeBookCare, where possibilities flourish,
And care becomes a catalyst for bold living and authentic expression.


About The Founder

The ground-up development of WeBookCare from Vanessa Knox’s technical and home care expertise means WeBookCare is designed from scratch-every step of the way. Building a reimagined home care company from a vision is no easy task. She knows, as she has done this successfully a handful of times with her first homecare agency and the app’s initial version. Through trial and error, Vanessa has learned a lot about the many issues you must account for, from navigating the homecare space to finding timely care and keeping it all running smoothly. In a position to learn from the errors and mistakes along the way, the app’s second version represents the implementation and execution of these learnings that weren’t around in the first place. But thankfully, you don’t have to do all this alone — which means that Vanessa has shared her expertise in the WeBookCare app as a time-saving tool connecting those who help with those who need it.